Meet the team – Jane Rudd and Jane Hunter-Walsh!

In this month’s blog we’re taking you behind the scenes to introduce you to the two Janes, members of staff who truly help the magic happen here at the British Eventing Support Trust. If you contact us for any reason – bar calling our dedicated mental health support line – the likelihood is that you’ll be put in touch with one of the Janes in the first instance. Here’s a little more about our charity administrator Jane Rudd and our general manager Jane Hunter-Walsh, and how they each support our day-to-day work.

Say hello to Jane Rudd, our charity administrator

Jane is a longstanding member of the team and takes care of most of the tasks that enable the British Eventing Support Trust to function. If you call us to ask for our support, you’ll probably chat to Jane as the first point of contact. She will get an understanding of your unique situation and share information about the charity and how we may be able to help. Of course, our work all relies on people supporting us, either with fundraising events or by sending in donations. And when those generous people first connect with the charity, it’s usually by chatting to Jane via email or the telephone. 

Now that riders are becoming more and more aware of the British Eventing Support Trust and what we do, Jane’s time is increasingly spent supporting people with their applications. It can be a very stressful time for people as they not only come to terms with a physical injury, but also figure out how to manage horses and a business while they recover. Jane’s a whizz at putting riders at ease and ensuring that they receive the very best support to help them with their recovery. Jane also works behind the scenes supporting our Trustees, liaising with our ambassadors and partners and researching lots of fabulous fundraising ideas.

Jane is a keen rider herself, and when she’s not at work you’ll normally find her practising for her next dressage competition with her 16-year-old Dutch warmblood Rico or helping her daughter with their homebred five-year-old, Skye.

And then say hello to Jane Hunter-Walsh, our general manager

Jane came on board in September 2023 to manage the day-to-day direction of the charity and increase our impact and profile in the eventing world. She brings 35 years of experience in marketing and strategy. Alongside this she has volunteered and raised money for organisations such as The Pony Club and Cancer Research UK. Like the “other” Jane, she cares deeply about the charity and it’s mission.

Jane was raised on a horse farm in the USA and competed in hunter jumper and equitation classes as a child and teenager. She moved to the UK over 25 years ago for work, eventually settling here and marrying her husband, Mark. Jane has two children, Hugh and Annabel, and spends a large chunk of her spare time grooming and driving the lorry for her budding event rider daughter.

We’re delighted to have our ‘two Janes’ on board, and they are certainly having a superb impact and helping lots of riders in their time of need. You can spot them both representing the charity at events throughout the season. Please stop them to say hi and learn more about the work the BE Support Trust does.

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